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Le Slip Français:
how a high-performance YouTube campaign generates a 5.9 ROI

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Olivier Kargbo
Published on 20 mars 2020

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Le Slip Français is a well known DTC, recognized for its effectiveness on the internet in general and social networks in particular.

The brand tested a video campaign on YouTube for the first time at Christmas 2018, with an initial branding objective, which VideoRunRun also challenged to make a performance campaign.

Shared and declared objective: win new customers who aren’t yet aware of le Slip Français, using a video.

Combining branding and conversion in our video campaigns is part of our DNA: achieving this double objective isn’t magic, but a vision, a method and… a very good technology.

VideoRunRun was used in two stages:
> phase 1 – running tests to find the winning combo of video creative/targeting/call-to-action.
> phase 2 – scaling the campaign on a larger budget, optimized for business outcomes.

A video Split-Test culture

To generate performance and online sales, you can’t launch your digital campaign only by guessworking, meaning just from a single video and your idea you have of your customers.

First of all, performance is all about testing: testing is part of the digital culture, we test banners, web pages, etc. – we’ve been developing this testing culture using video for more than 4 years.

We systematically split-test videos in all our campaigns and on all platforms: that’s how our VideoRunRun technology was born. We initially imagined and developed this technology to take us further in the ease of use, reliability and popularity of Split-Tests in YouTube.

The challenges

> To communicate at a hyper-competitive period of the year, Christmas, and especially without YouTube-friendly video, meaning designed with the platform codes.

> To succeed in addressing a potential clientele much larger than one might think: 2/3 of sales are made in large provincial cities and 50% of customers… are women customers, far from the image of a « bobo » brand from the Parisian capital.

In this context, it was essential to test as many of the campaign’s combo as possible before the launch.

The method: VideoRunRun technology

Before launch, in phase 1 of the campaign, we tested:
> 3 videos that had already proven themselves in TV campaigns.
> 2 re-directions – home page and special Christmas LP.
> 2 devices: mobile and desktop.
> 22 major audience categories from YouTube’s top funnel.

The challenge of this broad media plan was to find the winning video based on as many people as possible, then move on to phase 2 and “scale” the campaign using the absolute winning combo to generate the most conversions with the widest possible target.

VideoRunRun allowed us to create no less than 572 sub-campaigns with Google Ads Video, and also manage and analyze them… effortlessly.

Beyond defining the winning assets, VideoRunRun also helped us identify the most profitable audiences for le Slip Français in phase 2.

The results

The insights and good results make us want to continue YouTube campaigns as a guiding thread throughout the year. » – Lucas Roland, Head of Acquisition

The results exceeded le Slip Français’ expectations:

> In terms of performance: with an ROAS of 5.9 (3.3 post-click) in the middle of the Christmas period, the campaign is a real success. Remember the video was initially intended for TV.

> In terms of acquisition/discovery: 90% of the distribution was made up of new customers, an major issue during this end-of-year period. 40% of these new clients chose not to “skip” the ad and watched it to the end.

In short, branding that pays for itself in sales!

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