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8 July 2022   •   Product

Creative Insights
Unlock performance with creative opportunities

How can you optimize your video ads creatives to maximize performance? How do you collect and analyze data to learn from it? Discover VideoRunRun’s feature, Creative Insights

16 May 2022   •   Product

Creative Loop by VideoRunRun :
how creative focus is maximizing YouTube ads performances

Get the most out of YouTube ads with VideoRunRun’s Creative Loop: access insights from your video creatives to see what ingredients are impacting the performance of your campaigns and create a virtuous circle to build your Road to Scale.

4 May 2022   •   Scale

1st performance-based solution on YouTube

We only get paid when you earn money. Let us do the hard job of delivering leads/sales at scale and only pay for it. Discover Pay-As-You-Scale

5 April 2022   •   Case Studies

The 2022 playbook for Scaling your Direct-To-Consumer acquisition

Our Road To Scale playbook for DTC brands – Why considering YouTube as the new secret weapon for Scaling.

21 March 2022   •   Case Studies

[video case study] Dossier.co:
a US market Road-To-Scale
success journey

[video case studie] how the DTC brand Dossier.co scales with YouTube ads and VideoRunRun.

7 February 2022   •   Case Studies

Wonderbox : 13xROAS
for the leader of gift baskets

Décryptage d’une première campagne hyper ROIste sur YouTube pour le leader de la box en France.

8 January 2022   •   Case Studies

a DTC brand scales thanks to VideoRunRun

VideoRunRun enables Dossier.co to acquire a steady stream of new customers with a X3 ROI all year long, while ensuring brand awareness.

6 January 2022   •   Case Studies

the innovative insurance startup also relies on VideoRunRun to grow its business

French online insurance company Leocare leverage VideoRunRun and YouTube to meet its ambitious Scale goals.

23 August 2021   •   Case Studies

J’aime Lire – Bayard presse:
climbing out of its historical audience pool thanks to YouTube ads

2 years of evergreen and profitable campaign with the same video master for Bayard jeunesse thanks to VideoRunRun.

11 February 2021   •   Case Studies

Le Petit Ballon:
When YouTube exceeds Facebook ;-)

In 2020, it was agreed, YouTube video was going to be more than just branding. Branding AND performance, with VideoRunRun technology used in Managed SaaS for the first time over the crucial Christmas period.

8 February 2021   •   Case Studies

Isotoner, from TV to YouTube:
first successful test for an iconic advertiser

The leader in gloves and slippers tests YouTube’s performance to generate traffic on its ecommerce site.

8 December 2020   •   Case Studies

Famileo :
achieves its CPA goal and adds YouTube to its acquisition channels

Equipped with VideoRunRun technology, the Breton start-up is daring to take the plunge into the YouTube world. A first campaign that confirms YouTube as a new customer acquisition channel.