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26 May 2020   •   Open Positions

CDI – Full Stack Developer – Nantes

Rejoignez l’équipe Tech à Nantes et participez à la construction de l’outil qui révolutionne la façon d’appréhender les campagnes vidéos (spécialement dans YouTube) digitales.

22 April 2020   •   Case Studies

How our optimization engine made YouTube video ads a 5x more profitable sales channel for 10 Brands

Here’s the story of our last 10 campaigns where we have stress-tested our approach and our private beta of VideoRunRun, the first-ever SaaS platform for YouTube video ads performance.

2 April 2020   •   Case Studies

Balinea: a 3-year review of a start-up that has “scaled” thanks to video

VideoRunRun, fully integrated into TrueView formats with Youtube performance, has added a powerful new acquisition channel to Balinea’s highly leveraged marketing mix.

20 March 2020   •   Case Studies

Le Slip Français:
how a high-performance YouTube campaign generates a 5.9 ROI

See how creative testing and campaign optimizations with VideoRunRun drove success during a hyper-competitive period of the year, Christmas.

18 March 2020   •   Product

Scale-Up Video Campaigns: how to boost a business in less than a year thanks to video

See how we assist Start-Ups to become recognized brands by helping them to reach an image and a business plateau.

15 March 2020   •   Product

In 2020, Split-Test Video
is no longer an option…

From the origins of our inspiration to the VideoRunRun technology development. A brief history of the Why and our Ambition.

10 March 2020   •   Open Positions

Stage – Full Stack Developer – Nantes

Rejoignez l’équipe Tech de Nantes et participez à la construction d’un outil qui révolutionne la manière d’appréhender les campagnes vidéos digitales, en particulier YouTube.

9 March 2020   •   Open Positions

CDI – YouTube media buyer – Paris

Rejoignez l’équipe de Paris et aidez les marques et agences à extraire le plus de performance de leurs campagnes publicitaires vidéos sur YouTube.

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