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29 April 2024   •   Creative Analytics

How VideoRunRun Empowers Your Video Ads with Data-Driven Creative Optimization

Choose VideoRunRun as your next YouTube ads extension for Creative Optimization

14 November 2023   •   Creative Analytics

Decoding Video Creative Success: Leveraging YouTube’s Testing Ground for Effective Cross-Platform Ads

From TV Screens to Mobile Devices: how you can deploy your ad testing strategies.

5 October 2022   •   Features

Strategic Dashboards
Dashboards 100% dedicated to Video Performance

Making decisions based on data is one of the biggest challenges for marketers and media buyers. VideoRunRun’s Strategic Dashboards feature is designed to help you make transparent, data-driven decisions that will move your business forward. Time to make the most of your Data!

30 September 2022   •   Creative Analytics

Creative Gallery
Your online library to centralize and organize your video campaigns

YouTube ad campaigns can quickly become chaotic without a dedicated tool. With VideoRunRun’s Creative Gallery, it is easier than ever to visualize and access all your video assets to quickly launch campaigns, starting with what matters most: your videos.

8 July 2022   •   Creative Analytics

Creative Insights
Dedicated dashboards to creative ingredients that mostly impact performance

How can you optimize your video ads creatives to maximize performance? How do you collect and analyze data to learn from it? Discover VideoRunRun’s feature, Creative Insights

16 May 2022   •   Creative Analytics

Creative Loop by VideoRunRun :
how creative focus is maximizing YouTube ads performances

Get the most out of YouTube ads with VideoRunRun’s Creative Loop: access insights from your video creatives to see what ingredients are impacting the performance of your campaigns and create a virtuous circle to build your Road to Scale.

15 March 2020   •   Features

In 2020, Split-Test Video
is no longer an option…

From the origins of our inspiration to the VideoRunRun technology development. A brief history of the Why and our Ambition.