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Creative Gallery
Your online library to centralize and organize your video campaigns

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Olivier Kargbo
Published on 30 September 2022

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More than half of a video’s performance is hidden in its creative.

In other words, the more video variations your YouTube campaign runs, the more likely it is to find the “right message” and maximize your ROI.

Also, creating successful ads on YouTube starts with organizing and centralizing access to video content. An exercise that can quickly become chaotic without a dedicated tool.

With VideoRunRun’s Creative Gallery feature, it’s easier than ever to view and access all your video assets to quickly launch your campaigns, starting with what matters most: your videos.

What is it?

The Creative Gallery is VideoRunRun’s online library, which allows you to import, centralize, view and organize all your videos for a given YouTube campaign – past or present – from a single user-friendly interface.

Creative Gallery videorunrun

With the Creative Gallery, you can easily :

  • import your videos
  • view and use all your assets in a single space
  • organize your creative assets according to your specific tags, dates, campaigns, directories, video types,…
  • easily take control of the interface using a “drag & drop” system

Why it matters

By centralizing videos, the Creative Gallery allows easy sharing, collaboration and consistency.

This saves time and improves efficiency for creative/media teams.

It allows you to:

  • use the same videos in multiple campaigns – and a single upload
  • design and organize tests by video type/tag
  • simplify the analysis/insights of the campaigns thanks to the relevance of the tags used

The best way to maximize the ROI of your YouTube campaigns is to focus on creating creative variants, enriched with insights from the Creative Insights feature.

Make your time and resources more effective with the Creative Gallery.

Ready to discover all the features of the Creative Gallery? Contact your Customer Success or reach out to us.

Today, videorunrun is dedicated to providing best-in-class video performance for YouTube campaigns.

We are continuing to grow our integrations with other video platforms, so you can manage all your video ad spend in one place. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and efficient video advertising solution possible.

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