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Creative Insights
Dedicated dashboards to creative ingredients that mostly impact performance

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Olivier Kargbo
Published on 8 July 2022

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“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

said marketing pioneer John Wanamaker (1838-1922).

This saying is very true for video advertising: which parts contribute to success or failure?

For us – and research shows it – creativity is the key to the overall success of video ads campaigns.

But when you talk about video creatives, what are we talking about exactly?

Two different perspectives are possible:

  • The creative components themselves – cast, pace, script, mood, intro… and/or
  • their sequencing (story arc)

VideoRunRun’s technology provides, for the first time, a fundamental tool that allows to analyze and extract the maximum performance from ads creative, taking into account both approaches.

The Creative Insights feature from VideoRunRun: unlock performance with creative opportunities!

What is it?

A synthetic and visual dashboard that displays in real time throughout the campaign the creative components and their sequences that mostly impact the performance.

creative insights videorunrun

A video is made up of multiple components (25 main ingredients – see the Creative Outcome Index):

  • images, music, voice over, skins, …

+ is built in several sequences (5 structural pillars) :

  • intro, problem/solution, proof, CTA, conclusion,…

With the Creative Insights feature, VideoRunRun can differentiate and isolate all components and sequences of a video to study their specific impact on ongoing campaigns.

How it works?

Boost – Test


From these sequences and components, a Master video is turned into various video variations.

All this is made possible with VideoRunRun Machine Learning which can automatically create thousands of combinations of videos, audiences, devices, CTA … and then analyze + optimize them continuously based on a selected KPI (clicks, leads, sales …).

Learn – No black box


The challenge is not to find THE video, but all THE videos that are performing on as many audiences as possible. Rendering information in real time via the Dashboard allows you to benefit from continuous video insights and to capitalize on the elements that mostly impact performance.

For instance, a video variant using a humoristic introduction and a “simple” CTA generates a 110% conversion rate; 1-day sales are higher using a variant with a verbal CTA combined with a promotion…

All these components have a validated impact based on data and, when taken into account in post-production, improve the performance of future campaigns thanks to iteration.

VideoRunRun’s data-driven Creative Loop is the key to extracting maximum performance from your video campaigns. By testing and iterating on different variations of the same video, VideoRunRun is able to deliver maximum direct-response conversions.

To each audience its own insights

This approach is effective on a single video.
It’s powerful when applied to multiple videos, targeting various audiences (according to the funnel’s stage).

Indeed, with the Video Ads Launcher, creating hyper-granular campaigns is simple and achievable in minutes.

A super power of multiplication.

In the end, a well-paid off video asset

  • 1 single master for multiple uses/optimizations
  • 1 single master for customization
  • 1 single master for multiple insights/learning

Why it matters

– Go beyond “guess marketing” by taking creative decisions from objective data

– Capitalize on the components that make the biggest impact on sales.

– Continuously improve; do and do better; iterate; scale

– Feed exchanges between Creative and Media teams using transparent data

– Create in-house video culture, that will lead to the “perfect” brief for the next production.

Want to dive into the insights of your video creatives? Contact your Customer Success or contact us.

Today, videorunrun is dedicated to providing best-in-class video performance for YouTube campaigns.

We are continuing to grow our integrations with other video platforms, so you can manage all your video ad spend in one place. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and efficient video advertising solution possible.

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Creative Insights
Dedicated dashboards to creative ingredients that mostly impact performance

How can you optimize your video ads creatives to maximize performance? How do you collect and analyze data to learn from it? Discover VideoRunRun's feature, Creative Insights

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