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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is VideoRunRun different from Google/YouTube Ads NATIVE solution?

VideoRunRun is a platform that empowers YouTube Video-Campaigns (included in Google-Ads) and DV360 (included in Google Marketing Platform) by adding video-centric features that focus on performance.

VideoRunRun access/enrich/automates and ultimately leverages Google native solutions dedicated to video campaigns by focusing on performance-KPIs and approaches.

Should I do YouTube Ads with Performance-Max campaigns?

P-Max end-goal is to maximize conversions post-buying triggers. Perfect solution for horizontal Bottom-Funnel optimization. It usually ends-up in leveraging 5% to 10% of the budget and assets in videos.

To take your video marketing campaigns to the next level, implement full-funnel video marketing campaigns with VideoRunRun, that will help you scale and optimize your brand and sales efforts vertically, to acquire a maximum of new customers (even before buying signals).

Don’t reduce your video campaigns to P-Max – go all in with VideoRunRun and see amazing results leveraging YouTube full potential.

Why should I use VideoRunRun on top of NATIVE Google/YouTube Ads solutions?

VideoRunRun has developed specific features dedicated to video campaigns. The Full-Funnel approach ensures broader reach with performance KPIs. Achieving Performance at scale with predictability is different from achieving short-term/limited Bottom-Of-Funnel performance.

This makes VideoRunRun a unique platform that can provide predictable scaling for video campaigns. By taking a Brand AND Performance approach, VideoRunRun is able to provide unmatched results for clients.

Last but not least, more than 50% of the performance from a video campaign comes from the creative itself. This is often an area that is under-leveraged in Google’s native solutions. VideoRunRun is able to deliver maximum direct-response conversions by testing and iterating on different variations of the same video. This is done through a data-driven Creative Loop, which helps to maximize results at all stages of the funnel.

How VideoRunRun measures and restitutes performance?

Marketers are free to consider video as a powerful first-touch new customer acquisition channel or only as a last-click conversion asset, even if it obscures the Big Picture.

By working with VideoRunRun, marketers want to ultimately unleash the full potential of the video asset at all-level Funnel.

This is why VideoRunRun measures and restitutes performance from 1-Day last-click to 28-Days post-view to give the maximum insights to our clients so they can allocate budgets according to their marketing constraints and maturity.

We truly believe that marketers who expand their view beyond last-click metrics and high-intent performance channels create more effective and sustainable marketing programs. Looking beyond the last click is not just more effective, it’s more sustainable too.

How much Ad Spend is required for leveraging VideoRunRun?

VideoRunRun is constantly learning and evolving in order to provide the most predictive platform possible. Our machine learning algorithms are tailored specifically to work with video data, and we are constantly refining them to provide the most accurate predictions.

This learning phase typically lasts for six weeks, during which we scale our operations depending on the needs of the client, starting $15,000 to $50,000.

Then, we have different scaling playbooks depending on the maturity and constraints of the brand, but our minimum monthly spend for optimization is $10,000/$20,000. This monthly spend can be adjusted depending on the seasonality of the brand and the market.

What kind of video do I need to start?

Any kind!

At VideoRunRun we know what it takes to create videos that perform on YouTube Ads: we have determined the key ingredients to maximize direct-sales.

We can audit your current videos (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, TV,…) and give you suggestions on how to make them more effective, the highest possible in the Full-Funnel strategy.

We can also post-produce (free of charge) your videos to create maximum variations of them. Indeed, maximizing direct-ROI requires split-tests.

Send us any video you have and we will analyze and tweak it to generate sales with YouTube Ads…and help you ramp up your road to scale!

What if I don’t have any video yet?

Video is an amazing way to promote your brand, and with the explosion of video platforms and social ad, every brand definitely needs videos.

You have some videos but you don’t think they are good enough for YouTube? Don’t worry! That’s where VideoRunRun comes in – we know how to craft your videos effectively for YouTube.

If you really don’t have any video, ask us and we can assist find the most suitable solution.

Who is VideoRunRun built for (and not)?

VideoRunRun is ideal for

Direct-To-Consumer acquisition: whether you are a legacy brand with a D-T-C channel and want to turn your reach into online sales, or a Digital Native Vertical Brand wanting to add profitable and scalable acquisition channels to your mix-marketing.

Performance or Brand Marketers aiming at getting maximum direct-response ROAS.

∎ Brands and agencies wanting to have maximum data-driven insights about their Creatives when it comes to iterate successfully for incremental results.

VideoRunRun is usually a bad fit for marketers obsessed with Last-Click attribution. With video campaigns it always ends up Bottom-of-Funnel/un-scalable/un-reprictable targeting, undermining ROI.

A minimum of $120K Media-Spend per year on YouTube Ads is required for us to be effective.

What if I am or already work with an agency?

We are operating as a Trading Desk, yet we already work with agencies. Thus, we’ll adapt to your needs: working with your team as a partner or with your agency. Up to you!

Agencies operate YouTube Ads natively without any additional platform to over-perform. VideoRunRun is a technology that enhances performance/optimization within Video-Campaigns, adding extra-powers, extra-granularity, extra-creative-insights with the end-goal of outperforming short-term and long-term objectives of a video Full-Funnel strategy.

On which KPIs does VideoRunRun optimize?

We work to optimize each step of the customer journey, from views to clicks, add-to-cart (or lead-gen)… to the final sale.

Is there a minimum period engagement?

There is no time commitment required as a user of VideoRunRun. Results and satisfaction are all that matter to us.
You can stop at any time but a six-week learning phase is necessary to drive data and insights to make the most out of our technology. During this time, you will be perfectly knowledgeable of what to expect in terms of results.

However, short-term/bottom-of-the-funnel campaigns can be conducted more quickly.

What is VideoRunRun Privacy Policy?

We make use of YouTube API Services and Google Ad Accounts when optimizing Video-Campaigns within Google Ads or DV360.

Please note that by using our services, the customers are also agreeing to be bound by the YouTube and Google Terms of Service. Please see the Google Privacy Policy to learn how Google treats your personal data and protects your privacy in their services.

As VideoRunRun platform, we do not collect any personal data from the users’ devices.

Our services and Machine Learning process, on European-based Google Cloud Servers, utilizes the relevant customer’s “Google Ads” data to optimize on performance KPIs and restitute maximum data-driven insights.

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