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Creative Platform

A Set of Tools to Generate, Iterate and Optimize the Most Contributive Lever: Creative

The only platform that helps you test, customize and understand your videos to create better performing ads.
(Finally) your videos are powered by tech and data.

Data driven Creative analytics

How Do You Monitor Your Video Campaigns Success?

Have you ever asked yourself:
videorunrun youtube ads scale What kind of video do I need to start a YouTube ad?
videorunrun youtube ads scale If the campaign is not achieving goals, how can I fix it?

Videos are composed of script, emotion, creative concept, audio… Figuring out which ingredients mostly influences CTR/Conversion/Sales – and not subjectivity – is key to driving performance outcomes.

Welcome into the multi-dimensional world of Creative video performance!

Creative Analytics: Connecting the Dots Between Video & Business

Our platform installs a highly profitable data-driven CREATIVE loop for your YouTube campaigns by leveraging

videorunrun youtube ads scale our exclusive Machine Learning algorithm and AI video recognition on top of native YouTube/Google Ads,
videorunrun youtube ads scale for even more granular optimization and unprecedented creative insights.



Easily generate different versions
of your video-ads

Centralize and organize all your video ads.
Define several versions from one initial video whether you want to test or personalize your message.
Supercharge your studio’s production process.



Automate your performance with a video campaign management platform

Create thousands of granular campaigns in no time.
Let Machine Learning scale your campaign, at all funnel level. Use easy to read, video first strategic dashboards to analyze performance at all funnel level.



Understand, finally, why your creative performs (or not)

Access simple dashboards with actionable insights
Evaluate how Creative objects/sequences impact performance.
Analyze script and video structure.
No more guesswork: Find creative opportunities and get strong applicable recommendations.



Auto-apply learnings to optimize your creative and regenerate data-powered videos that impact your business

Let AI find the best video structure, based on Your Data.
Get techno generate and propose continuously best data-driven creatives.
Rince & repeat 😉

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