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Creative Loop by VideoRunRun :
how creative focus is maximizing YouTube ads performances

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 16 May 2022

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The ambitions of creative + data synergies are as old as the first display banner…

The rise of video has only accelerated them: more than ever, the industry understands (with researchs to back it up) how crucial video creative is to a campaign’s performance.

If automation, powered by Machine Learning, allows to multiply tests and deploy campaigns simply / quickly, if an iterative approach, analysis > create > test > learn agile and pragmatic allows to confirm what works, or not … the creative also remains a matter of humans.

Of ideas. Of choices. Of commonsense 😉

VideoRunRun is excited to launch the first solution that identifies, analyzes and reinjects the creative elements that impact the outcome of YouTube video campaigns: the Creative Loop.

VideoRunRun Creative Loop – take your video creations to the next level every week

The Creative Loop aims to get the most performance out of YouTube ads.

It allows to quickly pinpoint the creative elements (at all levels of the funnel) that have the greatest impact on clicks, add to cart and sales.

These are critical insights that allow a single initial video – rolled out in multiple variations – to progress week after week through iteration.

The challenge? Not to find THE perfect video, but the MAXIMUM videos that will perform for the maximum of audiences, at each level of the funnel.

The graal is that all video creative variations running meet their audience and perform “at scale”.

The Creative Loop is therefore the cornerstone of a profitable, insightful and above all, scalable video ad model.

How it works?

creative loop videorunrun



A video is made up of multiple components (25 main elements – that you can find into the Creative Outcome Index) :

  • images, music, voice over, design, …

+ is divided into several sequences (5 structural pillars) :

  • intro, problem / solution, proof, CTA, conclusion, …

Thanks to VideoRunRun’s Creative Insights feature, it is possible to differentiate and isolate all ingredients and sequences of a video to analyze their specific impact.

This is relevant for one video of course, but it becomes killer when deploying the original video into X video variations on X targeted audiences to find the best combinations.

Still following 😅 ?

So the process consists of flipping / adding / removing sequences or ingredients → broadcasting → comparing → deducing which ingredients, which sequences and in which order, have the most impact on the campaign’s performance.

The power of automation? Do it on as many targets as wanted!

Example of variables that impact a campaign’s performance.

Variables qui influent sur la performance d’une campagne

Boost – Test


All this process is now possible thanks to the VideoRunRun Machine Learning which automatically uploads thousands of ad variations with distinctive videos, audiences, devices, CTAs … and then analyze + optimize it continuously on the basis of a chosen KPI (clicks, leads, sales …).

Learn – No black box


Since the challenge is not to find THE video, but ALL the videos that perform on the most audiences possible, insights and real-time informations are crucial. VideoRunRun’s dashboard gives the opportunity to leverage the elements of the videos that generate the most performance.


These insights fuel the exchanges between the creative and media teams. they know how to improve the VideoRunRun algorithm and campaigns by producing new variants (in post production).

Campaigns messages are more and more personalized and thus more effective for all audiences identified as being the most profitable.

And so the virtuous circle goes on.



Our clients’ experience shows :

  • Testing is winning: the more tests are conducted, the more successful the strategies are.
  • Growing is winning: the more team knowledge and experience level increases, the faster and more efficient the Creative Loop becomes.

So, what’s at stake for the scale? To create a virtuous loop based on the speed of execution which relies on

  • the ability to quickly test the maximum number of combinations beyond what humans can do and beyond native YouTube Ads solutions,
  • the transparency and ability to analyze creative insights with a 100% performance-centric approach – unlike native Google Ads solutions,
  • the acceleration of post-production to simplify the integration of new videos on the go to extract even more performance.

Last but not least:

Getting the right creative / audience combination can be very profitable over a rather long time, unlike most social platforms (way more than 24 months before creative fatigue occurs – especially at the top / middle-of-the-funnel).

Our Creative Loop not only allows to iterate on a master video for several months but also to prepare, with the maximum of insights and data, the next piece of creative.

Thanks to this process, there is no need to have the perfect video to start a campaign on YouTube! On the opposite, we very often assist our customers in the “perfect” brief to go towards a 100% YouTube-friendly video ;-).

Want to dive into the insights of your video creatives? Contact your Customer Success or contact-us.

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