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Strategic Dashboards
Dashboards 100% dedicated to Video Performance

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Olivier Kargbo
Published on 5 October 2022

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We improve and aggregate walled garden native dashboards to leverage YouTube Ads performance.

Making decisions based on data is one of the biggest challenges for marketers: it requires the right tools.

The thousands of data and signals generated by the multiple combinations of variables tested make VideoRunRun a data mine, requiring more analysis capacity than ever before.

VideoRunRun’s Strategic Dashboards feature is designed to help you easily understand your campaigns and make the “right” decisions to drive your business forward.

Granularity and transparency at all levels 😉

What is it?

Dashboards designed specifically for performance-based video, to analyze and understand the business impact of your campaigns. 100% video centric, 100% transparent, 100% dedicated to performance.

Strategic dashboards videorunrun

100% video centric dashboards


Video is the core element of VideoRunRun. Naturally, dashboards are dedicated to video KPIs with all levels of granularity: audiences / video creatives / Call To Actions (CTA) / Landing Pages…

To complete the analysis, users can also use the Creative Insights feature that shows which creative elements contribute the most to performance.

100% transparent dashboards – No blackbox (really!)


Unlike some automated Creative Testing tools, VideoRunRun returns all the data.

  • on target audiences: Top, Middle, Bottom of Funnel, who is converting, on which campaigns?
  • on KPIs: all along the sales Funnel – from impression to sale.
  • for all desired views: by video, device, geographic area, gender…

Simple and easy-to-read dashboards to improve reactivity and decision making


Each user can build the most relevant reports regarding his function, using a pin system.

Charts facilitate visualization by superposing curves of key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyze or compare the evolution of volumes, costs or ratios over a given period.

Why it matters

Time saving for analysis = more reactivity for decision making!

Dashboards that open up new perspectives for performance analysis and enable:

  • speed up, simplify access and greater understanding of the various indicators over time (comparisons, trends)
  • track performance at different levels of accuracy depending on user needs (Media Buyer, CMO, CEO, etc.)
  • easily monitor allocated budgets
  • enable greater reactivity on campaign monitoring: testing is also pivoting 😉

As we see from our customers, speed of analysis and reactivity are key to performance.

Want to see how Strategic Dashboards can help your business grow? Contact your Customer Success or contact us today for a demo.

Today, videorunrun is dedicated to providing best-in-class video performance for YouTube campaigns.

We are continuing to grow our integrations with other video platforms, so you can manage all your video ad spend in one place. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective and efficient video advertising solution possible.

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