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13 February 2024   •   Creative Analytics

Unlocking Creativity in Video Ads

Are you getting the most of your video creative for your campaign success?

7 February 2024   •   Creative Analytics

4 Reasons Why YouTube Video Ads are a Game Changer in the 2024 Advertising Maze

Why incorporating YouTube into your marketing mix is the ultimate game-changer in 2024

22 December 2023   •   Case Studies

[video case study]
Hellio: Data-Driven Creative Double Website Traffic & ROAS

[video case study] how VideoRunRun’s data-driven creative insights have positioned YouTube Ads as the primary growth driver for Hellio.

15 December 2023   •   Creative Analytics

YouTube advertising: Key highlights for Optimal Demand Gen Campaigns

Demand Gen: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Blueprint for Proactive Campaign Optimization and Impactful Results.

14 November 2023   •   Creative Analytics

Decoding Video Creative Success: Leveraging YouTube’s Testing Ground for Effective Cross-Platform Ads

From TV Screens to Mobile Devices: how you can deploy your ad testing strategies.

6 October 2023   •   Creative Analytics

5 Reasons To Get A YouTube Independant Trading Desk (ITD) On Your Side

[Infographic] How can an ITD help me overperform on my YouTube Ads campaigns?

2 October 2023   •   Case Studies

From Views to Clicks: How Hellio’s YouTube Creative Optimizations Double Website Traffic

The secret to doubling website traffic: Hellio’s YouTube Creative optimizations journey

19 September 2023   •   Case Studies

How Creative Analytics Can 3X Your YouTube Ads Performance: A Case Study with Back Market

Demonstrating the power of Creative Analytics: how Back Market tripled YouTube ad sales by X3.2

1 June 2023   •   Case Studies

Creative Analytics: Connecting the dots between VIDEO ADS & BUSINESS

3 French brands Luxeol, Okaidi and La Croix have successfully embraced the journey. Let’s dig in.

28 October 2022   •   Creative Analytics

YouTube Ads vs Performance Max:
what’s the best tool for Scaling your business?

Wondering if you should turn your YouTube Ads campaigns into Performance Max? Don’t look further: be aware to use the best tool specifically tailored to your objectives.

30 September 2022   •   Creative Analytics

Creative Gallery
Your online library to centralize and organize your video campaigns

YouTube ad campaigns can quickly become chaotic without a dedicated tool. With VideoRunRun’s Creative Gallery, it is easier than ever to visualize and access all your video assets to quickly launch campaigns, starting with what matters most: your videos.

8 July 2022   •   Creative Analytics

Creative Insights
Dedicated dashboards to creative ingredients that mostly impact performance

How can you optimize your video ads creatives to maximize performance? How do you collect and analyze data to learn from it? Discover VideoRunRun’s feature, Creative Insights