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How VideoRunRun Empowers Your Video Ads with Data-Driven Creative Optimization

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Fabrice Courdesses
Published on 29 April 2024

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VideoRunRun = Your YouTube Ads Extension to Google-Ads for under-tackled Creative Optimization

The last decades, the focus has heavily leaned towards Media optimization, but time -and technology- has come to optimize the most contributive element of a video: Creative.

Why it matters

Data-Driven Creative Optimization:

  • Enhance video advertising effectiveness even during campaigns by providing valuable insights into what elements of a video are performing well and what needs improvement.
  • Ensures that your strategies remain grounded in empirical evidence rather than gut.
  • Allows for continuous improvements through iteration, based on data analysis.
  • Identifies unique value propositions that keep tailored messaging that resonate with audiences.
  • Enables you to produce fewer videos, yet more impactful ones.
  • Hoovers up data to inform future ad campaigns and creative choice.

The VideoRunRun app functions much like a YouTube Ads extension. It integrates seamlessly with your Google Ads account to retrieve live Creative effectiveness data.

The app does not require control over your media spend, which you continue to manage with your team or agency. Plugging your Google C-ID, allows to make the data speak for you. We take care of the implementation for you.

Here are three straightforward steps for optimizing ad Creative using VideoRunRun Data-Driven Creative Insights.

  • Step1 – Video Quality Score – Gauge your creative performance power
  • Step2 – Plugging your C-ID – Access granularity and transparency at all levels
  • Step3 – Video Insights – Let the magic happen!

Step1 – Video Quality Score – Gauge your creative performance power

Once you’ve plugged your past and present YouTube campaigns, you can jump into analyzing your videos under a Creative performance perspective.

By leveraging Computer Vision and AI models, VideoRunRun provides a global Video Quality Score for videos, following YouTube’s standards – applicable to other platforms such as Meta or TikTok.

It helps marketers gauge video performance for branding or performance goals across different devices.

VideoRunRun’s strength lies in its capability to analyze video content and scenes as well as audio, breaking them down into measurable ingredients to calculate the Video Quality Score.

videorunrun data driven creative optimization

This score is determined by weighting five fundamental ingredients called Video Quality Metrics:

Hook Power: Analyzing the first few seconds of the video to gauge audience retention and engagement through velocity of scenes, brand presence, scene detection of people or product…

Brand Awareness: Evaluating the visibility and recognition of the brand throughout the video, whether it’s written or spoken.

Clickability Score: Assessing the effectiveness of call-to-action elements within the video, using promotion, price, product reviews …

Sales Speech: Analyzing how much the product is highlighted visually and verbally throughout the video.

Content Visibility: Scrutinizing the presence of products or key content and when it appears in the video.

These metrics provide invaluable insights into the efficacy of video content and allow to adjust ad creatives prior or during your campaign for maximum impact.

Step2 – Plugging your C-ID – Access granularity and transparency at all levels

Video Centric Dashboards

VideoRunRun’s dashboards are designed to make the data speak for you highlighting key metrics for quick understanding and eventually make the “right” decisions to drive your business forward.

The VideoRunRun app exclusively manages your YouTube Ads campaign, providing dedicated support solely for YouTube Ads.

Forget about Search Ads, Shopping Ads, or Display Ads; within VideoRunRun, our exclusive focus lies on Video Ads across all stages of the sales funnel and across all devices (CTV, Desktop, and Mobile).

The dashboard simplifies campaigns performance analysis at campaign AND video level.

At Campaign level
YouTube Video Centric Dashboards
At Video level
YouTube Video Centric Dashboards

This Video-first reporting enables quick identification of impactful videos and understanding of video performance metrics without delving into the details and intricacy of the Google Ads reporting.

However, the crucial aspect is to understand the reasons behind why one video outperforms another.

Step3 – Video Insights – Let the magic happen!

Insights Video feature compiles data from Creatives – encompassing tags & ingredients – and their corresponding Media KPIs.

videorunrun Creative Analytics

This feature is a critical tool for gaining insights into the ingredients necessary to enhance video performance.

For instance, you can analyze the primary factors influencing the View Rate of your video. For this customer, incorporating a product review results in a 5.3 times higher view count compared to the videos without this attribute.

Continuing with this example, the Click-Through Rate (CTR) is significantly influenced by promotional offers, as videos featuring such offers generate 4.4 times more clicks than the videos without this attribute.

You have the flexibility to personalize your analysis by incorporating manual tags tailored to your unique needs and decision process.

Furthermore, it presents all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) directly on the dashboard, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of how various elements influence video performance.

What’s next?

Use VideoRunRun as your Creative YouTube Ads Add-on to zoom-in your Google Ads, leveraging your data to extract meaningful insights to refine offer, adapt to multiple markets and audiences while staying consistent.

Contact us to get a monthly quote.

Already have a video? Optimize your video impact with VideoRunRun’s YouTube Creative/Media audit. Gain valuable Creative insights to enhance ad performance and eliminate wasted spend. Email us now.

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