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Bridging the Gap Between Video Creative and Media Optimization

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Fabrice Courdesses
Published on 3 April 2024

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In the words attributed to Albert Einstein👅 “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Let me explain.

In video ads, marketers have 2 ways to increase effectiveness: optimizing Media and/or optimizing Creative.

End of a Decade-Long Media Obsession

The last decades, the focus has heavily leaned towards media optimization, leading to a division between media and creative teams.

This shift left creative teams frustrated without data to gauge their impact as Media reports provided minimal insights into creative performance.

And since, little progress has been made in understanding which creative elements are most effective.

In its annual Digital Media Summit 2023, LUMA Partners – the leading investment bank focused on digital media and marketing – clearly set the trend and illustrated this gap showing how the most effective way to optimize its media/creative investment is not anymore only in media optimization but massively in data-driven creative optimization.

data driven creative optimization

Ready to change? We’ve got you covered.

Since 2015, we have developped VideoRunRun to bridge the gap between video Creative and Media optimization to maximize every $ spent on YouTube Ads.

Data driven creative optimization

Data-driven creative serves as the bridge between artistic vision and data-driven decisions, a pivotal factor in enhancing campaign effectiveness.

Testing and iterating creative elements before and during campaigns fuel precise media buying and uncover invaluable insights, which inform creative optimizations, future campaign planning, and strategic decisions such as product, offer/incentive, call-to-action, creative themes, and much more.

This iterative process not only enhances current campaign effectiveness but also refines future creative decision-making and informs media operations.

Next Step

Today, organizations that want to maintain visibilty and minimize wasted ad spend, must embrace new approaches to experimentation and testing advertising creatives.

Contact us now to check how we can assist you to reach your goals.

Already have a video? Optimize your video impact with VideoRunRun’s YouTube Creative/Media audit. Gain valuable Creative insights to enhance ad performance and eliminate wasted spend. Email us now.

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