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Creative Analytics: Connecting the dots between VIDEO ADS & BUSINESS

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 1 June 2023

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Understand, finally, why your creative performs (or not).

The decision to invest in video production has always been a tough one. In today’s economic climate, it’s more crucial than ever to carefully consider this investment.

Although Creative is the primary factor of an ad campaign success, creative analytics have been overlooked until now.

VideoRunRun helps brands find the perfect match between their video creatives and their audiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey, prompting them to take direct action.

VideoRunRun’s technology enables marketers to streamline the creative process by facilitating data-driven development and iteration. Through regular testing, analysis, and modification, shorter creative cycles result in more effective campaigns.

3 French brands Luxeol (cosmetics), Okaidi (fashion industry) and La Croix (newspaper industry) have successfully experienced the journey.

Let’s dive in.

Creative loop

Easily Create different versions of your video ads

Thanks to techno, choosing the right creative to start with, has never been easier.

All starts inside VideoRunRun’s Creative Gallery, your brand’s online library. It allows users to centralize, view and organize all video assets from a single user-friendly interface.

Videos are composed of different ingredients, script, emotions, creative concept, audio… and sequences of intro/hook, problem/solution, social proof… that create the story arc.

VideoRunRun’s Creative Insights feature differentiates and isolates all ingredients and sequences of a video – this allows the analysis of their unique impact through the campaign.

And from one initial video, you can create several versions, switching ingredients and sequences.

French newspaper La Croix tested 16 video variations that turned into an evergreen YouTube campaign running since September 2022. Over the 7 month period, clicks to website went up by +440% thanks to Creative Analytics and iterations on the go.

Creative gallery

The power of automation?

Multiply the tests on as many targets as wanted, all along the funnel!

Distribute – Mix analytics – based targeting and engaging creatives all along the buyer’s journey

VideoRunRun works on top of YouTube ads native solutions.

Our proprietary machine learning automatically uploads thousands of ad variations across unique video versions, audiences, devices, and CTAs.… and then analyzes and optimizes continuously on the basis of a chosen KPI (clicks, leads, sales …).

Learn – No black box

Challenge is to identify the most performing video ads on the most audiences possible and take the insights to enrich creatives.

For this, simplified visualization and real-time information are crucial. VideoRunRun’s video centric dashboards provide the data so creative and media teams can partner to imagine the next piece of content for each audience in the funnel.

Okaidi ongoing winter YouTube campaign Creative Analytics allowed the kids brand fashion to identify what ingredients mostly impacted CTR.

By incorporating them into the next creative allowed the brand got immediate and strong CTR on the following summer collection campaign.

No more money left on the table!

Okaidi YouTube campaign

Optimize – Iterate & Scale the Loop

As marketer, reaching the spot where you get the most performing Creative / Audience combination is a great achievement.

The power of YouTube, supercharged with VideoRunRun, is to make it happen over a rather long time, unlike most social platforms (way more than 24 months before creative fatigue occurs – especially at the top / middle-of-the-funnel).

Luxeol Beauty has successfully run an evergreen YouTube campaign since October 2022, with a series of 8 videos highlighting 4 products.

VideoRunRun Creative Analytics identified the most effective concept, product, and video elements, allowing the brand to optimize creatives and achieve a 5 X CTR. It also enabled the marketing team to develop 10 new videos powered by data driven creative insights.

YouTube campaign

VideoRunRun Creative Analytics not only allows to iterate on a video for several months but also to prepare, with the maximum of insights and data, the next piece of creative.

Thanks to this process, there is no need to have the perfect video to start a campaign on YouTube!

What’s next

Taking advantage of VideoRunRun Creative Analytics, marketers can avoid guesswork, reduce uncertainty and ultimately maximize $ outcomes. Embracing it as part of the creative process definitely enhances both creativity and performance.

What about your Brand? Learn how VideoRunRun can leverage the power of your videos to enhance both Branding and Performance. Send us a mail here

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