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YOUTUBE Connected TV:
Why & How address YouTube on TV screens

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 22 May 2023

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With more than 87% of US households owning a Connected TV device (Leichtman Research), the traditional TV viewership model is swiftly getting into History as consumers flock to affordable ad-supported streaming services.

Despite the shift in consumption, the majority of advertising dollars are still being allocated to traditional TV, particularly in Europe and the US. However, studies show that TV advertising lags behind digital in terms of ROI.

It’s key (and time!) for brands and marketers to develop an overall Connected TV strategy that resonates with their target audiences. Investing in this type of connection and understanding how to leverage it will provide both scalable viewer attention and performance results.

CTV strategy: Opportunities & Challenges

CTV is a must have:

videorunrun youtube ads scaleScalable – the fastest growing major ad channel, reach massive audiences worldwide
videorunrun youtube ads scaleProfitable – prime opportunity for performance marketing
videorunrun youtube ads scaleMemorable – better attention for content (longer views), biggest image with better sound
videorunrun youtube ads scaleImpactful – higher trust effect of TV: 26% more than Social Ads – source Magnite
videorunrun youtube ads scaleDual+ – family watching
videorunrun youtube ads scale

But not easy to turn on for advertisers:

Unlock CTV starting with the #1 streaming platform: YouTube

Nielsen The Gauge April 2023

Today, no single company or organization has enough power to influence the industry.

Yet, YouTube (excluding YouTube TV!) – and its 2.5 billion users – has become the top CTV platform for share of TV screen viewing minutes in front of Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu.

As YouTube continues to grow on Connected TV it’s becoming a valuable platform for all brands size who can reach their target audience and drive profitability.

CTV is now 2nd device for YouTube viewers:

Why take risks and spend $ to learn on fragmented and expensive advertising markets when you can easily test and jumpstart CTV campaigns on YouTube?

Performance marketers have a new frontier to explore: Lab your CTV ad strategies on the biggest screen of home + the easiest & biggest streaming platform, leveraging YouTube massive Reach pared with Google advertising solutions.

VideoRunRun helps make youtube TV your natural -easy to plug performance channel

Video advertising success formula is the key combination of Creativity AND Media optimizations.

VideoRunRun provides both media and creative optimizations – plus all the associated Data. Dedicated Machine Learning and unique AI detection/creative-testing work on your side with a granular approach and execution, in the same way as Search and Display.

With a cohesive full funnel approach, VideoRunRun easily track and increase ROAS of TV media-spend by declining an ALL-device remarketing video sequence.

How adding VideoRunRun to YouTube ads native solution help brands to fully test, learn and maximize performance.

YouTube CTV VideoRunRun

Adding the device TV as the first discovery channel for brands has never been so easy with YouTube supercharged with VideoRunRun and never been so powerful thanks to Google performing ecosystem.

What about your Brand? Learn how VideoRunRun can help easily plug YouTube CTV to your acquisition channels. Send us a mail here

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