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From Views to Clicks: How Hellio’s YouTube Creative Optimizations Double Website Traffic

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 2 October 2023

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Building a Data-Driven Creative Loop for Profitable Results

Hellio is a French specialist in energy savings and thermal solutions. It offers a range of services to help reduce energy bills in a context of strong inflation.

The brand initiated a YouTube campaign in collaboration with VideoRunRun, as a trading desk, with the aim of reaching new audiences and fostering trust.

Following a successful YouTube campaign conducted last winter, Hellio’s objective is to generate a substantial number of views, boost website traffic, and ultimately acquire fresh leads.

VideoRunRun’s mission is to maximize CTR on top of views to drive qualified visits, on desktop and mobile devices.

1/ Applying Creative learnings from previous run

Last winter, Hellio ran a YouTube campaign using 3 existing videos. Creative and media optimizations made by VideoRunRun’s tech, led to new data driven creative insights.

From there, the brand was able to learn and implement new elements – hooks, CTAs…- resulting in new creative variations and even new videos.

Summer campaign was ready to fire.

2/ Granular optimizations and Creative iterations

Six videos that address the full marketing funnel were targeted at multiple audiences, from top to bottom, creating hundreds of campaigns.

Each one was then optimized for a specific key performance indicator (KPI), such as views, clicks or qualified visits.

Then, VideoRunRun’s Machine learning automatically applied media optimizations resulting in the promotion of the best performing videos to the most receptive audiences.

AI/ML also identified and restituted new Creative opportunities leading to several video iterations during campaign.

3/ The results

This campaign not only delivered outstanding exposure but also achieved engagement metrics that exceeded all of Google’s industry benchmarks.

Just imagine the transformative power of doubling your CTR, because that’s exactly what happened for Hellio.

CTR rates soared by a remarkable 200% vs previous run, and the cost per visit plummeted by an astonishing 2,3X.

This surge in performance translated into nearly 100,000 additional website clicks, solidifying the brand’s recognition and impact.

Hellio Use case VideoRunRun

What’s next

Hellio’s journey exemplifies how Creative execution is a key optimization lever for YouTube campaigns.

With a deeper comprehension of the ideal blend of messaging and audiences, Hellio is now more confident in tailoring the next piece of creative to sustain their exceptional performance.

The team is ready for the next run!

Discover a whole new level of brand exposure by adding your device TV to YouTube with VideoRunRun. Our success team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your business drives measurable impacts and learnings.

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