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CTV Ads Unleashed: How VeryChic Soared with New Audiences

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 26 September 2023

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From TV-First ads to YouTube CTV High-Impact videos for new audiences

VeryChic is a luxury travel brand that offers exclusive and curated hotel and vacation deals.

Just before summer holidays, the brand launched a YouTube campaign aimed to attract new audiences.

Starting with 3 existing TV ads and VideoRunRun as a trading desk, VeryChic goal is to not only attract new audiences but also drive a high volume of qualified website traffic.

VideoRunRun’s mission is to maximize CPV, VTR and website qualified visits on TV screen as on desktop and mobile.

1/ Enhancing creative adaptation: From TV ads to YouTube formats and best practices

According to the brand request, VideoRunRun used 3 existing original TV ads. Yet we rearranged sequences to optimize the story arc to fit mobile screens and YouTube/digital consumption habits.

Each initial TV ad was then challenged with different hooks, sequences,… creating 16 new YouTube versions.

VideoRunRun X VeryChic

2/ Dynamic creative testing on Top/Middle of funnel audiences

VideoRunRun tech automatically set up individual line items for each audience / creative combination / device and then let Machine Learning optimize campaigns to reach new audiences.

The outcome: dozens of campaign lines generated and automatically optimized for maximum impact.

3/ The results

The campaign provided not only cost-effective exposure but also exceptional engagement metrics.

VeryChic experienced a 30% Reduction in Cost Per View on CTV compared to Mobile/Desktop, backed by an Impressive 2.6x Higher View Through Rate (VTR). And it’s no coincidence—CTV viewership habits set it apart.

Audiences were really engaged with a staggering 98% of CTV-driven website traffic converting into qualified visits, resulting in elevated subscription rates and a superior cost-per-lead performance compared to Mobile and Desktop  devices.

What’s next

Through the expansion of its linear TV ads, VeryChic has effectively leveraged its video production investments, simultaneously gaining broader reach on a strategically new channel.

VideoRunRun offers brands and agencies the chance to tap into the power of CTV, beginning with the leading streaming platform, YouTube.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity—test it out today!

Discover a whole new level of brand exposure by adding your device TV to YouTube with VideoRunRun. Our success team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your business drives measurable impacts and learnings.

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