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How Creative Analytics Can 3X Your YouTube Ads Performance: A Case Study with Back Market

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 19 September 2023

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From TV first ads to winning YouTube versions across multiple screens (mobile/desktop/CTV) and audiences.

Back Market was looking for an edge on the French market as part of the brand expansion.

Starting with 5 existing TV ads and VideoRunRun as a trading desk, the brand aimed to get maximum performance metrics and gain valuable branding/market insights.

VideoRunRun’s mission was to focus on the most important optimization lever for driving performance: Ad creative.

Here’s how it worked in 3 steps.

1/ Enhancing creative adaptation: From TV ads to YouTube formats and best practices

According to the brand request, VideoRunRun used the 5 original TV ads. Yet we rearranged sequences to optimize the story arc to fit mobile screens and digital consumption habits.

Each initial TV ad was then challenged with a different hook, a game-changer on a video ad’s performance.

We structured 3 tests for video hooks:

  • Original TV hook
  • Humorous hook
  • Product hook
Back market x videorunrun

2/ Dynamic creative testing on multiple audiences & devices

VideoRunRun tech automatically set up individual line items for each audience / creative combination / device and then let Machine Learning optimize campaigns on the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) KPI.

The outcome: Hundred campaign lines generated and automatically optimized, leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness.

3/ Data driven creative analysis: leveraging data insights

Creative analytics quickly identified a first insight: Regardless of the ads concepts all 5 ads made for TV were generating similar CPAs.

However, it revealed that all the 5 versions featuring a specific hook (“version 1”) experienced a remarkable sales increase of 2.3 times.

Back market x videorunrun

4/ Creative iteration (during campaign): 3.2x Better CPA

Thanks to these valuable insights, VideoRunRun team lifted creatives introducing a new version, starting with the product sequence in the first seconds of the video.

Our analytics data showed the undeniable success of this iteration, with sales boosted by a remarkable 3.2 times.

Back market x videorunrun

What’s next

A deeper understanding of the dynamics between creative work and its media environment enables the refinement and enhancement of ads even during campaigns.

VideoRunRun gives brands access to invaluable insights on a range of creative elements and sequences, allowing for scoring of their impact across different audience segments.

Findings can be then injected into new productions, enabling brands to harness the value of every dollar spent.

Discover a whole new level of brand exposure by adding your device TV to YouTube with VideoRunRun. Our success team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your business drives measurable impacts and learnings.

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