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Elevating Your Brand with
YouTube TV Ads: What Uniqlo Learned

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 5 September 2023

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As consumers continue to shift their attention away from traditional linear TV towards connected TV, advertisers must also adapt to the changing landscape.

And leading this evolution is YouTube CTV, the largest connected TV platform. With its wide audience and Google’s powerful targeting capabilities, advertisers can now capitalize on YouTube’s massive reach and connect with viewers on the biggest screen in their homes.

Global apparel brand Uniqlo selected the VideoRunRun team to conduct its first tests on YouTube CTV.

Promoting ads produced for seasonal product lines, supercharged with VideoRunRun, Uniqlo aims to enhance brand awareness.

Uniqlo’s decision to run ads on CTV proved to be a smart move, offering three distinct advantages.

Maximize campaign Reach and Efficacy: -70% CPV combined with a +36% VTR*

Reaching a Broad yet Highly Engaged Audience.

YouTube CTV Uniqlo - use case

Thanks to VideoRunRun’s machine learning combined with YouTube measurement and targeting capabilities, Uniqlo has been able to drive campaigns investments towards the most engaged audiences.

Cost Per View (CPV) decreased by a staggering 70% compared to Uniqlo mobile and Desktop only YouTube campaigns, resulting in a 1+ million views.

On top of it, Uniqlo achieved a remarkable +36% increase in View Through Rate (VTR), successfully enhancing brand awareness.

Minimize wasted investments and ensure that ad spend is allocated to the most promising audiences.

* (vs Uniqlo YouTube campaigns on desktop & mobile)

Measure TV impacts with Data-Driven Insights

Collect valuable targeting data: discover new audiences and opportunities.

VideoRunRun provides in-depth insights about campaigns performance thanks to hyper granular targeting.

Marketers get all the tools to analyze campaigns with comprehensive and transparent video centric dashboards.

Uniqlo discovered untapped audiences that embraced their offer, leading to growth opportunities and providing invaluable information to assist with future targeting strategies beyond YouTube.

Leverage existing content on a new & impactful channel

Make the most out your video investments.

By extending the reach of its linear TV ads, Uniqlo has been able to maximize the value of its video production investments while achieving incremental Reach on a new strategic channel.

A process at little to no additional cost, thanks to VideoRunRun’s ability to adapt TV ads to YouTube formats and best practices.

What’s next

By unlocking the power of YouTube TV with VideoRunRun, Uniqlo gains a significant edge to tap into a massive, engaged, new audience.

But that’s just the beginning.

With VideoRunRun, we go beyond Media Optimization, offering Creative Optimization and Creative Analytics to find the perfect match between creatives and audiences, all along the buyer’s journey.

A game-changing opportunity to test now.

Discover a whole new level of brand exposure by adding your device TV to YouTube with VideoRunRun. Our success team will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your business drives measurable impacts and learnings.

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