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Ultra Premium Direct:
how a DTC pet food tested YouTube’s performance on top of TV

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 30 October 2020

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The brand

Since June 2014, Ultra Premium Direct has been shaking up the pet food market and democratizing organic and grain-free food for dogs and cats in France, sold 100% online.

Digital native, Ultra Premium already uses all online acquisition channels: SEA, SEO, Sponsorship, Display, Retargeting, Emailing, Influence… and completes this arsenal with TV in September 2019.

The challenge

Ultra Premium Direct has a 20s TV spot: why not use it in digital?

A conviction: YouTube is a natural complement to TV for extra reach.

A certainty: performance and branding on YouTube must be possible.

The solution

Ultra Premium thus makes its TV commercial profitable: VideoRunRun Creative Suite optimizes the video for digital use and creates 5 creative variations of it.

The YouTube campaign runs at the same time as the TV campaign.

Phase 1: video pre-testing to validate the best possible creative variations – 15 days

VideoRunRun used in managed SaaS is configured to split test combinations that mix:

  • 5 variations of the master
  • 2 redirections
  • 2 Call-to-Action
  • 60 audiences in terms of socio-demographic criteria, devices, geographical area, targeting top and mid funnel audiences (affinity, interest, etc.) to find new customers, who are therefore not familiar with the brand.

VideoRunRun automatically generates and launch 4,800 campaigns mixing all of these combinations.

The purpose of these 2 weeks of testing:

  • find the best combinations – and therefore the most profitable ones
  • with the best audiences potential – top and middle funnel – the most scalable ones

Phase 2: scale campaign with continuous optimization

After 6 weeks of campaigns managed by VideoRunRun algorithm, it’s confirmed: Ultra Premium videos are interesting, clickable and above all allow you to put the sale within a click’s reach.

The results



New customers

100% of sales from new customers



Worst To Best

Worst to Best: difference between the best and worst combinations tested



vs CPA target

-75% vs CPA target for new customers acquisition

15 days of tests confirm that:

  • the original TV master is the winner on mobile
  • it’s yet another version that outperforms on desktop

Overall, multi-device tests identify a 190% outperformance of the best variation over the worst.

target Customer Acquisition Cost was reached within the first month and reduced by 75% after 3 months of running campaigns. 100% of sales came from new customers and units sold doubled vs the objective

In this logic of pure acquisition, VideoRunRun has identified the 21 most profitable audiences in the top and mid-Funnel where 40% and 60% of conversions were achieved respectively.

VideoRunRun’s 15-day learning phase extracted strong and counter-intuitive insights: who would have thought that the most scalable and profitable audience would be Sports and Fitness enthusiasts?

The YouTube campaign benefited from the TV branding impact, but above all it added an acquisition channel by putting the ad “close to hand” of the buyers: mobile phones generated 70% of sales.

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