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Famileo :
achieves its CPA goal and adds YouTube to its acquisition channels

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 8 December 2020

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The Britania start-up company launches into the YouTube world with VideoRunRun to boost its sales with a simple and effective video.

The brand

French startup Famileo offers an online subscription service allowing seniors to receive news from their loved ones in the form of a paper journal sent by the post office, making it a family newspaper that makes grandparents happy.

120,000 families already use this service in France.

The challenge

Get out of Facebook dependency thanks to a new, profitable and scalable acquisition channel.

Since its launch in 2015, Famileo has relied on the main acquisition channels, including SEA, Display, Facebook and Instagram, to drive its growth.
The video is the fundamental element of their communication: it is used both to make this innovative service known and to explain in an explicit way how it works and also to generate action.

Advertising on YouTube is a logical next step… it’s THE video discovery platform. But not at any cost; every sale counts and the campaign must continue to build the brand, but also generate sales.

Equipped with VideoRunRun technology, the Britania start-up is daring to take the plunge into the YouTube world. It has decided to test a preliminary campaign, in managed SaaS.

The solution

Test and scale sales on 100% new customers, with a simple and well thought out video.

The preliminary creative audit (Creative Outcome Index) made it possible to select the campaign’s master video with the highest performance potential: the one that conveys a timeless message.

This campaign will thus be able to be streamed on Google’s huge Top and Mid-funnel audience volumes (interest/affinities audiences).

The pre-testing phase allows the validation of the best creative / targeting / CTAs / LPs combinations… Famileo, with VideoRunRun, is learning where to spend its budget to maximize ROI.

For example, out of 6 creative variations tested, VideoRunRun improved the performance of the best versus the worst by 191%!

The results

Thanks to its first very positive results and the achievement of target CPAs with a high volume of sales, the initial test turned into an ongoing campaign, making YouTube a new acquisition channel.



New customers

100% of sales to new customers



Worst To Best

Difference between the best and worst combinations tested




-78% cost per target acquisition
vs new customers target CPA

In 2 weeks, Famileo found the best creatives/audiences combinations for each funnel stage thanks to VideoRunRun’s machine learning algorithm.

  • the target CPA was reached at 35% on top of funnel targets and 65% on mid funnel targets – with affinity audiences far from the “family” sphere
  • the campaigns are therefore profitable and scalable: 100% new customers from top and middle Funnel

VideoRunRun’s Business Success team is ready to help Famileo scale its sales over 2021.

The sky is the limit!

Sure of your YouTube video ad creative outcome potential?

Ask your FREE Creative Outcome Index.

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