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Isotoner, from TV to YouTube:
first successful test for an iconic advertiser

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 8 February 2021

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The leader in gloves and slippers tests YouTube’s performance to generate traffic on its ecommerce site.

The brand

Isotoner is a leading brand in its market, which enjoys a strong reputation and a very good image. Isotoner communicates mainly via TV campaigns during the 4 winter months, focusing on its flagship products, gloves, slippers and umbrellas.

The challenge

A first step towards performance-based campaigns: bring qualified traffic, with priority given to new audiences who are not familiar with the brand.

After having experimented with YouTube for branding, in addition to its TV broadcasts, Isotoner wants to go one step further using VideoRunRun, with 3 objectives to reach:

  • Make themselves known to a new – younger – clientele, who are not familiar with the brand.
  • Decrease the seasonal effect of its products, by communicating during periods that are usually off-peak and not invested in TV.
  • Drive qualified traffic to Isotoner online store – this is our favorite ;-).

The solution

A video that makes you click to visit the site.

From existing videos, VideoRunRun Creative Suite generates 3 varitions created in post-production, including product pack shots or images from the on-site scroll.

The preliminary phase of mixing pre-tests – creative / targeting / CTAs / LPs – allows to identify the best combinations on which to spend the budget for maximum impact.

The VideoRunRun algorithm will then optimize the campaigns on the qualified visit KPI, based on signals like time spent, page views, completed forms, shopping carts, and so on…

The results

With qualified traffic multiplied by 5 times vs. forecasts – plus sales as bonus – the campaign exceeded the brand’s objectives, validating positive signals about YouTube direct response opportunities.



New visitors

100% of visits from new users



Worst To Best

Worst to Best: difference between the best and worst combinations tested




Cost per Qualified Visit (CPQV) 80% lower than target CPQV

Isotoner has also generated valuable insights on:

  • efficiency in the path to purchase and ecommerce conversion KPIs.
  • audiences interested in their products: who would have thought, for example, that female fans of technology would generate the highest volume of qualified visits?

This first step on YouTube ads performance is conclusive for the brand, which will therefore be able to go further targetting directly sales as the main KPI in the next video advertising campaign.

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