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Le Petit Ballon:
When YouTube exceeds Facebook ;-)

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 11 February 2021

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When YouTube exceeds Facebook in prospecting

The brand

“Help you discover wines in a totally different way: simple, fun and innovative approach” is the beautiful promise of the French startup, Le Petit Ballon, specialized in wine since 2011, and pioneers in wine box subscriptions..

The challenge

Make YouTube a channel acquisition – just like Facebook.

Le Petit Ballon has included video ads in its marketing mix since 2018 during its Christmas high season, which, in addition to Father’s Day, is the best time of the year for gifts, and the brand’s strongest season for offering subscriptions.

Facebook used to be the business generator for direct sales, while YouTube was used for branding, with view KPIs – sales being almost a bonus on this platform.

In 2020, it was understood that YouTube Creatives would be produced for more than just branding; branding AND performance, through VideoRunRun technology, and Managed SaaS, during the crucial Christmas season. This would be a first.

The solution

Edit a creative adapted to performance adapted for performance, test and scale sales 100% on new customers.

The preliminary creative audit (Creative Outcome Index) conducted on the Christmas 2019 video creatives confirms that existing videos have little performance potential; to meet these ambitions, a new video creative is required for the brand.

VideoRunRun’s Creative Success team assists the brand’s DA in writing a performance-oriented script and takes care of the executive production of the video as well as all the imagined variations (intro, CTA, music, duration…) for the pre-tests.

The pre-testing phase allows to confirm the best creatives / targeting / CTAs / LPs combinations… In only 10 days thanks to VideoRunRun’s exclusive Machine Learning, Le Petit Ballon knows exactly where to scale its budget most effectively in order to explode its Christmas sales and maximize its ROI over the next 5 weeks.

The results

A better acquisition CPA than Facebook’s over the same period of time.


4 800

Combinations tested

meaning as many sub-campaigns launched and managed



Worst To Best

Worst to Best: difference between the best and worst combinations tested



ROI acquisition

100% on new customers

Several thousand sales over the period on 100% new customers, for a CPA 54% lower than the target and 6% lower than that of Facebook; what better way to scale a business?!

Le Petit Ballon maximized the performance of its campaign over a relatively short period of 7 weeks, thanks to VideoRunRun’s Machine Learning optimization:

  • 40% of sales were generated on top of funnel targets and 60% on mid-funnel targets – with non-wine affinity audiences, such as Sports and Fitness or Babies and Juvenile products…
  • Sales per device – desktop, mobile, tablet but also TV – have been maximized thanks to the multiple variations: each device/audience has its winning formats…

YouTube better than Facebook… but 2 platforms that are also complementary during this period.

With very different buying behaviors depending on the platform, the campaigns are far from cannibalizing each other: the two are complementary by selling more to men for one, more to women for the other and with equally differing behaviors depending on the device.

VideoRunRun lets you scale YouTube on top of funnel, on new customers, when Facebook garners bottom of funnel sales, in remarketing.

With the end of the year in mind, Le Petit Ballon launches an evergreen approach in 2021, with videos that integrate all the insights from previous campaigns. A new a challenge for the brand and VideoRunRun’s Business Success team – to help deseasonalize Le Petit Ballon’s sales.


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