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the innovative insurance startup also relies on VideoRunRun to grow its business

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 6 January 2022

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The brand

Since 2017, Brittany-based startup Leocare has been shaking up the insurance world with a 100% mobile and digital approach where “technology serves the consumer.”

Its goal is clear: reach €100 million in sales by 2022 and one million customers by 2025, in France and Europe.

The challenge

Scale the business.

To reach its hyper-ambitious goals, Leocare has only one objective: massively increase the volume of its new contracts.

Already present on the main acquisition channels, the brand wishes to (and must?) test YouTube to take advantage of its global reach.

And go further low-volume of bottom of funnel strategies.

The solution

Where others are driving Reach using YouTube, VideoRunRun also brings performance.

YouTube campaigns generally aim either at massive reach at the top of the funnel or at maximizing conversions at the bottom of the funnel, on more targeted audiences.

VideoRunRun combines the best of both worlds: by automating Direct-Response campaigns at the top of the funnel, the technology adds performance to Reach.

From its TV spot – Leocare’s unique video asset – VideoRunRun creates ads variations adapted to different audiences.

After 1 month of testing, the campaign optimized for new business creation has been profitable. Even with doubling the media spend, the Customer Acquisition Cost remains steady over time.

The results

After 3 weeks of testing, YouTube turned into a new customer acquisition engine.

The budget is driven by sales volume, while maintaining a steady ROAS.


Target CPA is reached within 3 weeks, with a steady ROAS.

Brand awareness is leveraged at no cost.

Today, YouTube is Leocare’s main video lever, which develops its brand awareness in addition to being profitable.

In 2022, media spend will keep growing until CPA drops. Only VideoRunRun’s technology will allow the brand to follow this strategy with confidence and over time.

Like Paul, Leocare thinks big… and VideoRunRun is there ;-).

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