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a DTC brand scales thanks to VideoRunRun

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 8 January 2022

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VideoRunRun enables Dossier.co to acquire a steady stream of new customers with a X3 ROI all year long, while ensuring brand awareness.

The brand

Dossier.co is an American digital brand, created in 2019, specializing in the online sale of perfumes that are inspired by iconic brands. Its objective is to make available luxury perfumes, manufactured in France, to as many people as possible at an affordable price.

The challenge

Scale the business.

Dossier has ambitious hyper-growth objective: to double its turnover every year whilst maintaining quality and service.

The brand needs to equip itself with sustainable and stable tools in order to continually win over new customers every month.

In addition, it wishes to develop its popularity without loss of profit.

The solution

A unique technology to drive profitable and evergreen campaigns, capturing customers on top and middle of the marketing Funnel.

Dossier.co has been using VideoRunRun since mid-2020. After ensuring the profitability of the YouTube lever for customers acquisition, the young brand is constantly increasing its media spend on the platform while keeping a steady Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).

Two types of assets are used:

  • Historical Facebook/Instagram videos that have been adapted and improved.
  • Lately, a video more YouTube friendly and designed for “one step selling”.

To date, about 40 campaigns, using a mix of these 2 types of videos, are targeting top and middle funnel audiences.

The results

In less than 2 years, YouTube has become the second most important acquisition lever for Dossier.co.

Hockey stick Dossier EN

Cumulative growth in sales volume since the first campaign with VideoRunRun:
a steady ROI alongside a growing sales volumes.


20 000

New customers

generated on YouTube in 2021

media YouTube

X 10

YouTube media spent

between 2021 and 2020, with same ROI

15 %

Share of YouTube in 2021 revenue

VideoRunRun enables Dossier.co to scale sales with an X3 ROI all year long while ensuring the growing awareness of the brand.

In 2022, Dossier.co’s ambition is to double its turnover and to increase its media spend on YouTube.

With this year’s success, its accumulated experience on YouTube and encouraged by its latest video with excellent click-through rates, the brand’s management is confidently approaching 2022 and its growth objectives.

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