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J’aime Lire – Bayard presse:
climbing out of its historical audience pool thanks to YouTube ads

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 23 August 2021

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The Brand

Bayard Jeunesse is a major historical player for youth magazine subscriptions. Since 1977, the brand includes in its publications the monthly magazine, leader in its category, J’aime Lire (I Love to Read), aimed at children between 7 and 10 years old.

Almost 45 years old, J’aime Lire is an historical brand that is well established and a ‘must-have’ in many families.

The challenge

YouTube and video to promote awareness.

Bayard wants to expand its audience and to continue its organic growth by reaching out to new generations and families who are not familiar with the magazine.

What better medium than video to make discoveries?
What better platform than YouTube to address its targets?

The solution

Produce an evergreen video that sales.

Bayard turned to VideoRunRun to explore the possibilities of capitalising with YouTube and video, and to produce a video that respected two objectives:

1/ To do top of funnel acquisition, capable of both discovering and selling to new audiences who do not know the brand.

2/ To be “evergreen”, able to be used at any time, without any notion of seasonality: the brand being used to concentrate its media investments at the beginning of the school year… whereas one may want to read all year long 😉.

Creative options are integrated from the writing of the script to be able to multiply the versions in post-production.

The 2019 video campaign, optimized on the “subscription sales” KPI, kicked off at the start of the school year, simultaneously on YouTube and Facebook.

Both campaigns complemented each other, each platform running on its top performing ‘creative/audience/location’ combinations.

However, YouTube quickly proved to be less expensive, more steady and more scalable over time.

Les résultats

2 years of uninterrupted and profitable campaigns with the same master video (evergreen afore mentioned ;-))



Sales rate on YouTube clicks



vs target CPA

a 92% drop from the target CPA at the beginning of the campaign



Return on Ads spend (ROAS)

By the end of 2019 Bayard’s ambitions were achieved: with sales volumes beyond the strong and usual “back to school” period and a cost per acquisition (CPA) 92% lower than the target, video in general and YouTube in particular is a very effective lever to accelerate the growth of J’aime Lire on new audiences.

Since then, Bayard has continued its campaigning and even increased its investments, because they are always more profitable – even and especially after 24 months: sales keep increasing and CPAs decrease.

Based on its success, the brand, which had the courage to launch in video, exported the creative concept and the video acquisition approach to Spain, with the Spanish version of J’aime lire: Leo Leo.

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