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how a U.S. DTC uses VideoRunRun to drive more sales

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 8 September 2020

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The brand

Dossier.co is a young American digital native brand, created in 2019 and specializing in the online sale of fragrances inspired by iconic brands. It aims to enable as many men and women as possible to acquire luxury perfumes – produced in France – at a competitive price.

The challenge

Dossier.co’s marketing mix relies mainly on video via influencers on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, its core acquisition channel.

A conviction: Dossier.co can’t do without performance-based campaigns on YouTube, mainstream when it comes to beauty.

A certainty: make YouTube as profitable as Facebook in acquisition. Working alone is not an option. Which videos to use, how to start, how to set up campaigns in Google Ads…?!

Dossier.co needs to hit end of the year sales, a period of splendor for gifts / perfume, with a succession of highlights from Black Friday to Christmas.

The solution

Dossier.co started with 5 simple videos produced by a creative studio.

Phase 1: video pre-testing to confirm the best possible variant – 15 days

VideoRunRun used in managed SaaS was configured to compete with combinations of variants that mix:

  • 5 videos
  • 2 Landing Pages
  • Mobile vs Desktop
  • 60 audiences on socio-demo and geographical area criteria, targeting top and middle funnels exclusively: challenge is to look for new customers, who therefore don’t know Dossier.co.

VideoRunRun technology operates on YouTube’s direct-response format, TrueView For Action.

VideoRunRun algorithm was optimized for clicks and website visits in order to maximize volumes (CTR) and quality (onsite engagement).

VideoRunRun automatically generated and launch 3,000 sub-campaigns mixing all these variants in the US.

Objective of these 2 weeks of testing: the VideoRunRun algorithm determined

  • what were the best combinations of variants – the most cost-effective,
  • with the best potential on top and middle funnel audiences – the most scalable

Phase 2: Scale into always on campaign with continuous optimization

Dossier.co is in a strategic mindset – not tactical: during these 2 weeks of testing, which validated the performance per click, the KPI evolved from shopping cart to online sales.

After 6 weeks of campaigns in managed SaaS with VideoRunRun teams, Dossier.co knew it: YouTube was entering its acquisition marketing mix and End of the year 2020 was shaping up in the best possible way.

No more Facebook addiction, YouTube is in the spotlight 🙂

Les résultats



Worst To Best

Worst to Best : difference between the best and worst combination of variants tested



of new customers

All sales were made from top and middle of Funnel



vs target CPA

vs target CPA for new customers acquisition

Dossier.co set a target CPA on YouTube that was at most equivalent to its other acquisition channels.

VideoRunRun’s algorithm allowed the company to reach and exceed this target CPA in 6 weeks – with a cost 35% below the target and a significant sales volume.

In phase 1, the test demonstrated a 183% variation in performance between the worst and best combination of variants on the sales KPI.

Phase 2 is still in progress, as part of an “always on” campaign, which confirms YouTube as a new acquisition channel in 2021.

VideoRunRun proved the effectiveness of YouTube for scaling new customers:

  • target CPA was reached at 40% on top of funnel and 60% on mid-funnel targets, with affinity audiences far from the beauty sector.
  • campaigns are tprofitable and scalable with 100% new customers.

The ongoing insights provided by VideoRunRun on creatives and audiences allow Dossier.co to do even better on its next YouTube campaigns.

Q4 2020 will only be one step forward 😉

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