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Wonderbox : 13xROAS
for a French leader in gift cards

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Yannick Wittenauer
Published on 7 February 2022

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The brand

Wonderbox is the N°1 gift cards seller in France. A very high competitive market where brand loyalty is key.

The challenge

Massively acquire new customers during Christmas and holiday season, while remaining profitable.

Wonderbox purchases are mainly gifts: selling more during Christmas time is therefore a major challenge.

The brand already uses YouTube as an acquisition channel and wishes to accelerate sales by using VideoRunRun technology.

The solution

Produce an original video and creative variants to maximize campaigns profitability.

Wonderbox produced a video using VideoRunRun’s Creative Services.

The campaign requirements were therefore anticipated from the beginning of the production phase:

  • An optimized original video was produced to get as many clicks as possible.
  • A series of creative variants were also produced to personalize the ad and capture as many potential customers as possible.

The One-Step-Selling structure video enables the VideoRunRun algorithm to quickly find profitable audiences at every level of the Funnel and spend more $$ on the most profitables lines.

In fact, the algorithm allows to broadcast the videos over several hundreds of audiences.

Wonderbox YouTube pub

The Results

A 13xROAS and a steady decreasing CAC til Christmas

Within 6 weeks, Wonderbox sales exploded on the video platform and the acquisition costs kept decreasing over time while sales volumes increased, during the most competitive time of the year.


6 750


media YouTube


New customers

X 13


  • 1 single video achieved 1/3rd of total sales: creative testing is just a matter of success! No more marketing guessing in 2022. The insights will enable the next campaigns optimizations.
  • More than 200 campaign lines drove conversions, showing a great potential of Scale on YouTube.

Wonderbox is definitly convinced to spend more on YouTube ads in 2022.

The objective : use VideoRunRun to scale up sales all year long with an always on YouTube campaign and a positive ROI.

Massive sales of gift cards at Christmas is good but, selling gift cards all year long, while remaining profitable, is even better 😉!

This is the next challenge of the always on campaigns launched last January.

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