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YouTube Ads vs Performance Max:
to Scale or not to Scale

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Fabrice Courdesses
Published on 22 October 2022

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At a time when almost all our customers wonder if it’s a good thing to switch their YouTube campaigns to PMax, here is our opinion on THE Google tool of the moment.

No surprise with such an attractive name: who doesn’t want a maximum of performance?

So what is it?

Google’s promise is attractive: “we master the purchase path of your customers, we know how to find similar audiences and we know in which sequence to show your digital assets to make them buy your product/service”.

Just input your website and creatives (Shopping Feed, banners, videos, teasers), your maximum CPA, and we’ll get the job done.

According to the Google support page, PMax is the best option for e-merchants who want to extend their performance from the Search Network (SEA/Shopping) to other Google advertising channels in a simpler and more automated way.

Including YouTube.

The turnkey solution for Bottom of Funnel

PMax stands in the lower part of the Funnel. Only.

It was created on the basis of the so-called “Messy-Middle”, which is how a buyer moves from intent to purchase, with the goal of “Closing the gap between trigger and purchase so your existing and potential customers spend less time exposed to competitor brands.” (Source Google)

In short, PMax is terrific in “post-purchase signal” detected by the Google ecosystem.

But what if you want to acquire new customers before they even show a buying signal? I would even add: before your competitors get hold of them with their own P-Max ;-)?

Far from leveraging the power of Video and YouTube

It’s a proven fact that video is the best creative medium for both Branding and Performance; it allows people to discover a brand, learn about a product/service, and take direct action in a single step: so why limit YouTube to an extension of SEA/Shopping?

Especially since our studies show that video is not used much in a PMax campaign (5 to 10%) / and are often very basic and product centric.

Performance Max is not designed to substitute YouTube Ads (called Video Campaigns by Google).

Only YouTube Ads natively allows :

  • to leverage video to drive both brand awareness AND click-to-buy – not just one THEN the other
  • to build your brand through videos that inspire more than just shaking up your products
  • to run a dedicated video campaign

Why just use YouTube via PMax to make Bottom-of-Funnel conversions when the whole power of the platform is right in the Top and Middle-of-Funnel?

To all customers and prospects who are asking if they should switch to Performance Max: don’t restrict videos to a simple use in PMax… Okay, use it, but not only!

Native YouTube Ads remain a terrific tool. Boosted by VideoRunRun you can extract even more qualitative and volumetric outcomes.

Video is the most consumed medium in the world and deserves special attention and expertise, as it’s often the most expensive asset to produce.

Only YouTube Ads enhanced by VideoRunRun allows

  • more control over your campaigns: zero black-blox, the more insights you have, the more you secure your performance
  • to get specific insights from your video creatives; because it’s your most expensive asset and you don’t want to screw up your campaign
  • 100% performance; yes, videos do also drive top-of-funnel conversions

I hope I’ve been helpful about what Perf-Max is and what it doesn’t allow.
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