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1st performance-based solution on YouTube

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Fabrice Courdesses
Published on 4 May 2022

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VIDEORUNRUN technology introduces the 1st performance-based solution for Scaling on YouTube.

Pay-As-You-Scale: Only pay on success!

Does the TV reach potential squared with Google solutions performance‘s worth a test for your business?

VideoRunRun’s mission is helping Direct to Consumer brands and Businesses extract maximum ROAS/ROI from their Video ad creatives and campaigns on YouTube: the best creatives, combined with the best targeting, optimized on performance indicators, to make YouTube a long-lasting and profitable source of new customers acquisition.

“What defines a start-up is not the year it was founded nor the amount of money it raised. The whole point of a startup is to grow rapidly. And therefore find sources of traction to sustain Scale.”

– VideoRunRun’s co-founder Fabrice Courdesses, promises brands to turn YouTube into a “game changer” for their business by driving more sales from the leading video platform.

“Our proprietary tech, added to our YouTube expertize and success stories led to our Pay-As-You-Scale offering.”

Pay-As-You-Scale by VideoRunRun ensures brands:

  • To use video to promote and build their brand over the long term, with one-step selling videos
  • To capitalize on YouTube’s Direct-Response, maximizing clicks from videos even on Top-Of-Funnel, where YouTube usually only achieve Reach
  • To use existing videos – no dedicated (or expensive) production
  • Iterate, iterate, iterate… create YouTube campaigns and videos that evolve thanks to data (no black-box): creative/audience insights allows you to optimize and  generate more long-term, predictable and scalable performance

Based on its customers success, VideoRunRun decided to combine both interests by offering a Pay-As-You-Scale performance-based compensation model:

  • With VideoRunRun, brands drive more and more profitable conversions with YouTube videos on new customers at each step of the Funnel (Top/Middle/Bottom)
  • VideoRunRun provides a predictable ROI, scalable campaigns, 100% transparency and data insights so you can keep improving video ads creatives and targeting
  • 100% of fees are conversion-based: get a price-per-conversion vs. a % on media-spend
  • Price-per-conversion is decreasing based on volume: the higher the sales volume is, the less fees you pay

We only get paid when you earn money. Maximizing conversions from your media investments is your interest… and also ours!

“The more conversions we generate, the more you scale, the less you pay! Try it now…”

icon-fire-ball-Pay-As-You-Scale For you too, let’s make YouTube a game-changer of your business in just 2 months: share the url of your best video (Facebook, YouTube, TV)… and we’ll return you the best Pay-As-You-Scale proposal.

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