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11 February 2021   •   Case Studies

Le Petit Ballon:
When YouTube exceeds Facebook ;-)

In 2020, it was agreed, YouTube video was going to be more than just branding. Branding AND performance, with VideoRunRun technology used in Managed SaaS for the first time over the crucial Christmas period.

8 February 2021   •   Case Studies

Isotoner, from TV to YouTube:
first successful test for an iconic advertiser

The leader in gloves and slippers tests YouTube’s performance to generate traffic on its ecommerce site.

8 December 2020   •   Case Studies

Famileo :
achieves its CPA goal and adds YouTube to its acquisition channels

Equipped with VideoRunRun technology, the Breton start-up is daring to take the plunge into the YouTube world. A first campaign that confirms YouTube as a new customer acquisition channel.

30 October 2020   •   Case Studies

Ultra Premium Direct:
how a DTC pet food tested YouTube’s performance on top of TV

How YouTube extra reach adds direct response to TV by putting the ad “in the palm of the hand” of the buyers: mobile phones generated 70% of sales.

9 September 2020   •   Case Studies

Pandacraft :
How VideoRunRun helps deseasonalize the sale of children’s subscriptions

From a YouTube test Back To School campaign to an always on and evergreen presence: review of a one year profitable campaign and how YouTube has become a pillar of the brand’s marketing mix.

8 September 2020   •   Case Studies

how a U.S. fragrance brand drives more sales with VideoRunRun algorithm

-35% Target CPA for 100% new customers acquisition with VideoRunRun in managed SaaS: No more Facebook addiction, YouTube is in the spotlight!

22 April 2020   •   Case Studies

How our optimization engine made YouTube video ads a 5x more profitable sales channel for 10 Brands

Here’s the story of our last 10 campaigns where we have stress-tested our approach and our private beta of VideoRunRun, the first-ever SaaS platform for YouTube video ads performance.

2 April 2020   •   Case Studies

Balinea: a 3-year review of a start-up that has “scaled” thanks to video

VideoRunRun, fully integrated into TrueView formats with Youtube performance, has added a powerful new acquisition channel to Balinea’s highly leveraged marketing mix.

20 March 2020   •   Case Studies

Le Slip Français:
how a high-performance YouTube campaign generates a 5.9 ROI

See how creative testing and campaign optimizations with VideoRunRun drove success during a hyper-competitive period of the year, Christmas.